We thank the following donors for their support of KidsVoice. See what your 2022 donations helped us do in the 2022 Impact Report.

Any individual who contributes $1,000+ during the course of a year is recognized as a member of our exclusive Guardian Society. Some of our donors have chosen to designate their gift to be part of the Lipman Youth Fund.

This list reflects all donations received between February 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023.

Gifts of $25,000+

Karin Broker

Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust

Equal Justice Works


Scott and Paula Frishman

The Grable Foundation

Irene C. Shea Charitable Foundation

Chuck and Barbara Moser

Pennsylvania IOLTA

PNC Charitable Trusts

The Richard King Mellon Foundation

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Larry and Harriet Stone

United Way of Southwestern PA

Gifts Between $10,000 and $24,999

A. J. and Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney

The Burke Family

Cisco Systems

Edward and Connie Engler

Enterprise Vision Technologies

Richard and Keelie Garbee


Edward and Gail Kabala

Greg and Susan Kaminski

Kristin Klingenberg and Thaddeus Merriman

Rodney Lipman

The Margaret Ritchie R. Battle Family Charitable Fund

Opportunity Fund


Thomas and Brenda Shields


Gifts Between $5,000 and $9,999

Allegheny County Bar Foundation

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Foundation

Charles Schwab

Jason and Heather D'Amico

Frank and Debra Dermody

Ellen Dillavou

Todd and Stacy Faulk

First National Bank of Pennsylvania

William Guttman and Kristina Rigopulos

Thomas and Janet Huddleston

Joanne La Rose

Lacey and Brendan Lupetin

Carol and Doug MacPhail

Mary MacPhail

Craig and Diane Markovitz

Paul and Celine O'Neill

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Daniel and Susan Rosati

Cynthia and David Shapira

Solutions 21

Stacy Sweeney

Judy and Thomas Thompson

Bonnie and Thomas VanKirk

Michael and Marcie Zanic

Gifts Between $2,000 and $4,999

Rich and Debby Adamo

Joseph and Jayme Butcher

Chrislynn Energy

Kevin Colosimo


Dentons Cohen & Grigsby

Michael and Julie Dever

Dreambuilders Foundation

Graystone Consulting

Charles Harris and Darlene Nowak

Diane and Gerald Holder

Thomas Hollander

Edward Kenawell

Carole King and Chip Burke

Richard and Margaret Kotermanski

Dan and Stacy Krauth

Lawrence and Lynn Lebowitz

Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl, LLC

Patrick and Karen McElhinny

Mark and Jane Mendlow

Jeffrey Mensch

Michael Moose and Heidi Kern-Moose

Wendelynne Newton and Robert Metcalfe

Stephanie and Romel Nicholas

Elliott Oshry

PNC Financial Services Group

Bruce and Holly Rudoy

Carol and Gary Schurman

David and Janice Smith

John and Michele Sylvester

Kimberly Taylor and Stephanie Bucklew

Jeffrey and Suzanne Watters

Bruce and Barbara Wiegand

Gifts Between $1,000 and $1,999

James Anderson and Katherine Brownlee

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Mackenzie Baird and Chris Reinard

Ann Begler

Raymond and Joneen Betler

Pat and Donna Bianconi

Thomas Birsic

James Blaugrund and Shelly McQuone

Sean Brennan

Vicky and Mark Brilmyer

Jonathan and Lisa Budd


David and Meredith Cohen

Martin and Gretchen Connelly

Bob and Katie Coy

Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.

Dollar Bank Foundation

Eat'n Park Hospitality Group

Gentile Horoho and Avalli

Wayne and Catherine Gerhold

Stewart Gross and Lois Perelson-Gross

Robert and Deborah Guild

Scott and Teofila Hollander

Kenneth and Lisa Jewell

Michael and Amanda Kelly

Thomas and Beth Lagnese

Leigh Tison Charitable Trust

Anthony Leone

Jeffrey and Roberta Letwin

Joseph Lynch and Susan Dunlap

Jami Marlowe

McGuire Woods LLP

Jim Morse

Perry Napolitano

Peoples Natural Gas Company

Ruth Perelson

Project Destiny / Rev. Brenda Gregg

Pierce and Karen Richardson

Vivian Sabatini

Anne Shaheen and Randy Tracht

Todd and Jackie Simakas

Prudence Sloan

John and Patricia Staley

Staley Capital Advisors, Inc.

Rob and Andrea Stiegel

Bob Swain

The Wilson Group

TMS International

Mike and Kiya Tomlin

Treasure Hunt

Michael and Kristin Wessell

Michael Yoon

Zimmer Kunz, PLLC

Gifts Between $500 and $999

Mary Austin and Ron Shapiro

Carolyn Bouchard

Suzy and James Broadhurst

David and Susan Brownlee

Brad and Marne Busatto

Jeffrey and Stephanie Butler

Judy and Michael Cheteyan

Tim Coogan

Alisa Cook-Roehs

James and Melanie Crockard

David and Jenny Dethero

Mark and Barbara DeWitt

Ronald Donatelli

Amy and Scott Elste

Keith and Nancy Fabi

Elizabeth and Jeff Fecko

Donna and Kevin Flannery

Jennifer Gardner

Gene and Jennifer Giotto

David Gould

Malcolm Harris and Amy Lipshie

Edward and Sarah Heres

Judith Yanowitz and Harry Hochheiser

Peter Jaffe

James Keller and Mary Ellen Hoy

Olivia Kohnfelder

Pamela and David Lasorda

Alan Lilienthal

Deborah Little

Michael Long

Michael Lynch

McGee Maruca & Associates PC

Susan McNamara

Kerry McQuone and Jeffrey Meagher

Jesse McWhorter

Malcolm Meyn

Michael Nelson

Bryan Opalko

Thomas Peterson

Brandon Poremski

Craig and Susan Prokopchak

Lora Rothe

Linda and Scott Schober

Neill and Alex Simakas

Joseph and Wendy Skalniak

Alison and Shawn Smith

Anthony Smulski

John and Karen Staley

John and Christian Stampfel

Andrew Stewart

Kay Stonemetz and Thomas Putinsky

Strategic Retirement Partners

Stefanie and Darren Traub

Mark and Robin Wallace

Lu-in Wang

Beverly Weiss-Manne

Thomas and Caroline Wentling

Jennifer Wildpret

Thomas and Yi Wright

Gifts Between $250 and $499

Rachel and Brian Allen

Eric and Maureen Anderson

Jeffrey Ausnehmer

Donald W. and Phyllis Beck

Carolyn Branthoover

Lynnette Brooks

Carol Brown

The Honorable Eleanor Bush and Mr. Jonathan Cox

Robert and Louise Byer

Doug Cameron

Douglas and Susan Carlson

Julianne Carlson

Thomas Chang and Joan Vondra

Gene Clapp

Courtney Clark

Floyd and Tera Clutter

Charles Cohen

Rachel Collins

Robert and LuAnn Cottington

Dara DeCourcy

Tom DeFazio

Caryn Rubinoff and Craig Dunham

Mark Faulkner

Marcia and David Gordon

Kirsten Gulotta

Linda Hedin

Kenneth and Joan Horoho

John Houston

Jessica Huber-Broege

Paxson and Tanie Kabala

Kane and Kristin Kiester

Maureen La Rose

Justin Lauver

Sarah Lewensohn

Richard and Lynn Lipovich

James Martin

Julie and David McCulloch

Susan McGivern

Mariah McGrogan

Joan Miles and Clifford Bob

Robert and Judi Miller

Scott Moore

Shannon Mulholland

Brian Novosel

Russell and Suzanne Orkin

Kristen and Gino Ornato

Michael and Kimberly Pavlick

Diane Perer

Gary and Loren Perler

Nicole Phatak

Galina Philipovitch

Mark Phillis

Matthew Polli

Kenneth and Jody Reichel

William Robinson and Sharon Semenza

Bert and Susan Rockman

Melaine Rothey and Gretchen Schumacher

Donald Roveto

Gary and Dode Scheimer

Darlene Schiller

Allison Sizemore

Theodore Spazok

Michael and Suzanne Steger

Kimberly Stenzel

Julia Stone

Nadia Sundlass

Sharon Sweeney and Stephen Trunick

Taylor Takacs

Stephanie Tecza

Arthur Tilley

Steven Wagner

Tom and Carolyn Welshonce

Justin Werner

Christie Whelan

Howard and Mary Wolf

Gifts Between $100 and $249

Jacob Aguero

Carol and Jeff Alston

Susan Altman

Fran and Thomas Barclay

Jill and Patrick Beck

Jamie Bishop and Mike Feeney

Evan and Lauren Bloch

Jason and Jackie Blough

Jeffrey Blum

Daniel Blumenthal

Scott and Lynn Booth

Robert Borowy

George Bradley

Debbie Brletic

Charles and Jill Brodbeck

Kimberly Brown

James and Noel Browne

Kristen and Michael Burke

James and Anne Burnham

Jeffrey Burns

Barbara and David Burstin

Joyce Carlin

Ryan Cerbus

Jill Chadwick

Mark Chao

Philip Ciarrocchi

Herbert and Susan Cohen

Renise Cohen

Nicholas and Janine Colinear

Danell Cooper

Steve Crane

Joseph Crumb

Alison and Matthew Culyba

Janet Curran

Daniel and Sheila Cusick

James and Sandy D'Amico

Trina DeMarco Preffer

Michael and Sarah Alexia Dolan

Julie Doyle

Nancy Elman

James English

Peter Ennis and Laura Ellman

Susan Evanchak

Eugene and Roz Feingold

Joseph Fineberg

Frank and Cindy Fisher

Lindsey Flach

Robert and Patricia Forte

Ronald and Tina Francis

Peter and Suzanne Friday

Kirk Friedman

Devon George

Barbara Ginn

Howard Goldberg

Kenneth and Laura Gormley

Susan and William Graeper

Garth and Julia Graeper

David Gramc

Donna Gurleyik

Susan Hartman

Jason Hazlewood

David Headrick

Bruce Herschlag

Carolee Hildenbrandt

Michael Hilder

Brian Himmel

Leah Hrachovec

Ruth Hrehocik

Keenan Hudsmith

Eric Ives

Gregg Kander and Anna Hollis

Joshua Karelitz

Tom Keeler

David and Catherine Klaber

Karen Koskoff

Renee Kouba

Jessica Ann Kovacs

Carl Krasik

Conrad Krol

Margaret Lacon

Ian Lasher

David and Diane Lassman

Philip and Melanie Lee

Stanley and Nancy Lehman

Brian Little

Betty Jo Louik

Michael and Andrea Lowenstein

Debi and Chal Mahoney

Neysa and Mark Maisel

Alethia McCloud

Jeffrey and Beth McCormick

Mary McGurk Scalercio

M. Ursula McKenzie

Brendon McKibbin

Lejdi McNair

Maureen McNamara

Beverly and Gary McQuone

Beth Meinhold

Tiffany Mikesic

Laura Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Blaine Morris

Andrew Muha

Thomas and Constance Murray

Thomas and Tammy Murray

Cathryne Newport

Stephen Nimmo

Dennis O'Toole

Kelly Ordean

Keith and Kristen Overstreet

Matthew Pakiela

Mitchell and Rae-Gayle Pakler

Marcus Panasewicz

Kevin and Alison Patterson

Michael Paxton

Chandler Pierce

Maria Poremski

Florian Rajakovich

Ronald Razete

Antonina Renda

James Rockney

Andrea Francioni Rooney and Todd Rooney

Gretchen Ross

Gerald and Marcia Rubenstein

Tiffany Simone Russell

Matt Samonds

David Scotti

Gregory Simakas

Eileen and Joseph Sisca

Adelaide Smith

Christopher Snider

Ruth Snyder

Adele Speers

Gerri Sperling and David Slesnick

Scott and Judy Steinbring

Andy and Laura Marie Stephany

Danielle Stewart

Hernan and Mary Stigliano

Gary and Suzanne Stone

Michael and Beth Stone

Edwin and Mona Strassburger

Frank and Elizabeth Suatoni

Gail Sullivan

Kimberly Sweeney

Leslie Marie Tafel

Munirat Tam

Mary Ellen Tesla

Linda Unger and Jeffrey Blumenthal

Jeffrey Upperman and Bevanne Bean-Mayberry

Jennifer Van Egmond

Brian and Christine Vinay

Melissa Walker

Dodi Walker Gross and Daniel Edelstone

Kathleen Wallace

Brian Walsh

Richard Warburton

Scott Ward

Howard Wein

Robin Wertkin

Adam Wicks

Jeffrey Wilhelm

Peter and Dana Winslow

Patricia Wirick

Arthur Woods

Joseph Zenk

Abdulla Zubair

Gifts Up To $99

Mark and Sharon Ackerman

James Arthur

Cynthia and Arthur Baldwin

Patricia Bauccio

Carol Berger

Jennifer Beveridge

Abby and Zac Blake

Michael Borowy

Marlene Brandon

Charles Brown

John Casey

Robert Ceccarelli

John and Christine Chapas

Erica Chen

Frank Chen

Deborah Comay

Nathan Condeelis

Benjamin Cook

Kelly Michaud and Kevin Cox

C. Mary Cummins

Paul Cummins and Stacia Casillo

Emily D'Amico

Jacob D'Amico

Debbie Dillinger

Rebecca Dreger

William Engel

Char Fallen

Susan Ferlianto

Nick and Virginia Fisfis

James Fogarty

Heidi Fonzi

Janet Frishman

Eileen Gdovin

Constance Geiger

Ian Gilbert

Karen Giles

Gina Giordano

Aaron Godert

Ellen Teri Kaplan and Michael Goldstein

Cheryl and Gene Gorski

Barbara and David Gregory

Jeffrey Griggs

Joseph Hadobas

Charles Halloran

Ronald Hartman and Leslie Golomb

Jeff Hartzell

Nancy Hazlett and R. Stanton Wettick

Dennis and Kristine Henley

Ed Henry

Thomas and Patricia Hessler

Nate and Jessica Hirshberg

Daniel and Susan Hirshberg

Karen Hirten

Leah Hungerman

Daniel and Barbara Janosik

Stephan Johansen

Melissa John

Sue Kass

Anil Kaswan

Cynthia Kaufold

Phyllis Kitzerow

Raj Koner

Robert Kovach

Simone LaRose

Joan Levy

Michael Liss

Mark and Alice Mahler

John Mariotz

Vanessa May

Karen McDonald

Raymond and Nancy Meute

Fredi Miller

Jennifer Miller

Marjorie Mills

Morgan Moody

Brianne Moriarty

Lisa Morris

Greg Mutinelli

Timothy Myers

Mark and Alita Naylor

Amy Noll

Barbara O'Mara

Anne O'Neil-Henry and Nathan Hensley

Fredric Orlansky

Shelby Osterrieder

Kathy and Alan Pattak

Paula Peinado

Shonda Perkinson

Carolyn Rincon

Austin Riopelle

Joel and Adele Roman

Meriellyn Rose

Nicholas Salviano

Rich and Kathy Sestili

Evan Shea

William Sheridan

Jasmine Shi

Anita Sims

Peter and Susan Smerd

Kevin and Lori Smith

Maggie J. Smith

Nancy Smith

Frankie Stansbury

Marcia Stewart

Kenneth Stoops

Patrick Strange

Erica Strauss

Joel and Maria Swanson

Elizabeth Taylor

Anthony and Mary Sue Terranova

William and Susan Thompkins

Thomas Vesch

Sergey Voytsekhov

Michael and Amanda Wahlen

Jeffrey and Debbie Welshonce

Andrew Werner

Tiffany Wheeler

Patty Yerina

Melanie Zentner

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