About KidsVoice

KidsVoice is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit legal agency that provides a voice of hope, a voice for rights, and a voice of experience for abused, neglected, and at-risk children. Whenever a child has an open dependency case in Allegheny County Juvenile Court, KidsVoice is appointed to legally represent that child.

KidsVoice is recognized as a national model for multidisciplinary child advocacy. Each child we represent works with an attorney and a social service professional who customize their advocacy and support to the unique and specific needs of the child.

Our holistic approach to advocacy goes beyond the courtroom. We help clients get the health, educational, and social services they need. We continue to work with clients through age 24—several years after they have aged out of the foster care system—to help them remove roadblocks to housing, health, and employment, so they can live independently as adults.

Read our impact reports to learn more about our work:

2022 KidsVoice Impact Report (PDF)
2021 KidsVoice Impact Report (PDF)


Safety is our number one priority. The children we work with come from situations of abuse, neglect, and food insecurity. Our goal is to ensure a safe living environment for each child.


Beyond the traditional child welfare and juvenile court arenas, KidsVoice advocates for clients in educational, medical, mental health, and social security matters, among many others.


We stay with our clients through age 24, several years after they age out of foster care, and provide a safety net for Transition Age Youth as they seek employment, housing, and independence.

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