History & Mission

The Lipman Youth Fund at KidsVoice was established in December 2008 to honor the life of Sue Lipman. Since its inception, the Fund has raised a significant amount of money to sponsor projects and programs to help teenagers in foster care better access resources to assist them in a successful transition to independence outside of the child welfare system. This is an extremely vulnerable, but often overlooked, population. 


Programs Enabled

Resource Database

The Fund allowed KidsVoice to make our website more inclusive and user-friendly for the children who use our services. The site now includes a whole host of resource information that benefits KidsVoice's transition-aged youth, including useful links, downloads, contact numbers, and other information related to finding a job, accessing education, and finding agencies and organizations that can provide assistance in emergency situations. It also provides general information about transitioning out of the foster care system.

Clean Slate Program

We ensure children charged with minor summary offenses have a responsible adult to support them before the magistrate when their parents cannot or will not fulfill that obligation. Although KidsVoice youth, like all children, should be held responsible for their actions, the consequences should not depend upon whether they have parental support at magistrate hearings. With the support of the Lipman Youth Fund, KidsVoice attorneys are able to attend magisterial hearings to ensure that these children receive a fair outcome that is equivalent to youth who appear at magisterial hearings with parental support.

Independent Living Resource Fairs

We serve transition age youth up to age 24 to help them establish their life outside of care. Our Independent Living Resource Fairs connect these teenagers and young adults to important and valuable resources for their transition into living independently as an adult.

With the continued growth of the Lipman Youth Fund, KidsVoice is able to maintain its powerful advocacy, while providing new and innovative ways to help its clients.

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