Children often suffer trauma as a result of abuse and neglect, poverty, and food insecurity.  That trauma is magnified when they are removed from their homes, separated from siblings, and moved to multiple placements. For each of the 3,000+ children that KidsVoice represents, our first priority is safety.

The goal is to ensure a safe living environment for each child—and ideally, a permanent home. Whether that is with parents, with other family, or with a foster or adoptive family, KidsVoice ensures that they have the services in place they need to make the placement a success. We empower children and their families with knowledge and resources so that we can minimize the number of placements a child has before finding one that is the right fit.

We don’t do this alone. KidsVoice has spent years building strong partnerships and collaborations with other service providers and the Allegheny County Department of Human Services to make sure kids know there are plenty of adults looking out for them, even if their parents are struggling. You can read Seth's success story to learn more about community collaboration.

If you live in Pennsylvania and suspect a case of child abuse or neglect, please contact ChildLine: 1-800-932-0313

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