Support KidsVoice Through United Way’s Contributor Choice Program
September 9, 2014

Each year, KidsVoice represents nearly 3,000 children involved in the child-welfare system in Allegheny County’s Juvenile Court. These children range in age from birth to twenty-one and are of every ethnicity, race, gender and socioeconomic status, the majority being from families with incomes below the federal poverty guidelines.

Child advocacy at KidsVoice goes beyond the traditional child welfare and juvenile court arenas. Our staff advocate for clients in educational, medical, mental health and social security matters as well as providing representation for minor criminal citations and for expungement of delinquency records. We also assist our older clients as they pursue college or vocational training opportunities and transition to living independently.

If you want to lend your voice to a neglected or abused child, ask your employer if they participate in the United Way Contributor Choice Program and designate your gift to KidsVoice (#78).

Thank you for helping hope take flight!

UW 2014

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