Starting School Off in Style — Shoes and Backpacks from the Heyward House
October 15, 2017

Jesse pulled on the white shoes the clerk brought out from the back “These are good,” he said, “Thank you.”

The salesgirl’s brow creased as she bent over to check the fit “They seem a little snug to me. Let’s check your size to see what I should grab next.”

Jesse stood on the silver foot measuring device.

“Looks like you’re an 8, bud!”

With a look of incredulity on his face he asked, “Really? But I thought I wore size 6?”

“Well, you did!” The clerk walked away and then returned with another orange box. “Here,” she said, grinning. “These should feel better.”

Jesse didn’t need to speak, the smile on his face said everything, “Wow. Thank you!”

This was the second year in a row that The Heyward House, represented by Allie Heyward, took some of our clients shoe shopping. Over the course of two trips to Dick’s Sporting Goods, and thanks to help from the Dick’s staff, 30 KidsVoice foster youth each have a brand new pair of shoes.

The Heyward House said in a tweet, “We love to see the smiles on @KidsVoicePA children’s faces. It may be a small gesture, but every smile counts as joy.” They spread plenty of joy for our kids throughout 2017.

Our clients also received very nice brand new backpacks filled with school supplies from Heyward House, which together with the new shoes helped our clients begin the school year on the right foot, so to speak.

“This is awesome!” shouted Tayvon, as he proceeded to spread out his backpack full of markers, highlighters, colored pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies in front of him. “Wow, look at this stuff! This is enough for the whole year!”

KidsVoice is thankful for our partnership with The Heyward House, which provides our clients with wonderful opportunities they’d not otherwise have.  In this case, it was a brand new pair of shoes, backpacks, and fresh school supplies. We’re doubly thankful to Cam, Allie and Charlotte Heyward for the care and attention they provide to every KidsVoice child they meet.


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