Ike Taylor Tackles Child Abuse & Neglect This Father’s Day
June 5, 2014

Dear KidsVoice Supporter,

As Father’s Day approaches I am mindful of how many young people in our community do not have a father with whom to celebrate this special day. That means no father to encourage them, to guide them, to speak up for them in times of need. That’s why I am so personally committed to KidsVoice, whether at father’s day or during my annual Shop with a Jock event, when I and my Steelers teammates take 50 KidsVoice youth from foster and group homes to dinner and shopping during the holidays. photo

I know that KidsVoice does not replace a parent. As a father, I know how important a parent’s guidance and love can be.  But in the absence of a parent, for so many young people, KidsVoice is of enormous help. For the neglected, the abused, and the exploited, KidsVoice is the only safety net.

Take a minute today and explore KidsVoice’s new website: www.kidsvoice.org. In just a few seconds this website can tell you more about the unique ways in which we serve these most fragile kids. And the more you know about their struggle, the more likely you are to support these kids.

As an incentive for you to visit the new site and learn more about the organization, and to encourage your support of KidsVoice, my family and I will add $50 to each of the first 100 gifts made online between now and June 30.

Please, do this for me and for the children of KidsVoice.

With thanks for our blessings,

Ike Taylor


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