The 2017 Gifting Season

January 13, 2018

Individuals and businesses all over Pittsburgh opened their hearts to KidsVoice children over the holidays.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Employees purchased gifts for over 200 of our children and American Eagle Employees purchased gifts for more than 100 children.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney repeated the Adopt-A-Family holiday drive they initiated last year. Children, who were nominated by our staff because of their exceptional need, chose gifts not only for themselves but had the opportunity many for the first time, to pick gifts for their siblings, foster parents, biological parents and others who are special to them. Then the elves at the firm made each and every one of those wished come true.

The Heyward House, in addition to their Matching Gift Campaign, was inspired by Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s adopt-a-family model and did the same thing for 15 families.

Between the four gift drives, more than 500 wishes for children and their families were granted. The real gift was creating a wonderful holiday experience and memory for children who didn’t have much to look forward this holiday season. This memory won’t remove the painful ones they’ve experienced, but every time these gifts are worn or played with will be a reminder of a time they felt so special.

Here’s what some of our staff reported from our clients about the gifts and holiday joy that Dick’s, American Eagle, Heyward House and Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney spread to our clients:

“My child was so happy with her sandals. Her old ones were falling apart so she really needed them!”

“A hard-to-please teenage boy said ‘this is dope!’ when he opened his Nike hoodie.”

“A sweet 3-year-old asked ‘All for me?!’ when she saw the boxes that were so beautifully wrapped.”

“My child immediately put on the new wrestling shoes and showed me how well they gripped the floor. He is so pleased!”

One 17-year-old girl simply wanted to make sure her family didn’t have to worry about making it through the winter. She requested giftcards to Giant Eagle and warm clothes for her young siblings and her mother (with whom she was recently reunited). The elves who made her wishes come true wanted to make sure she received something special too. In addition to Giant Eagle giftcards, they got clothes for each of her siblings, her mother, and several giftcards to clothing stores for the 17-year-old so she can pick out some cute items for herself. They also bought three bags FILLED with nonperishables. This family was so appreciative. And our client was so proud she helped make this happen for her younger brothers and sisters. She kept redirecting the conversation to talking about how great their holiday was when the KidsVoice staff went to visit three weeks later.