Success Stories

Ready to Graduate

When Kimberlee was between the ages of 3 and 5, she was sexually abused by a ten-year-old half-sibling. Her mother didn’t believe or support her daughter and was both physically and mentally abusive, herself. Kimberlee’s mother would alternately withhold food from Kimberlee and force her to eat things that were unpalatable....

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Mar 6 2017

Love Beyond Words

Aliyah was born a healthy baby girl. It wasn’t until she was 15 months old that everything changed for her. She was crying, as infants do, and dad put his hand over her nose and her mouth and squeezed to make her shut up. It worked, Aliyah stopped crying; in...

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Jul 26 2016

Safe and Happy, Back at Home with Mom

After Kayla’s mother was incarcerated for theft and violating probation, 9-year-old Kayla was left in the care of a relative. Her father now married to a woman with children of her own, came and took Kayla. At her father’s house, Kayla endured physical and emotional abuse from the stepmother, without...

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May 18 2016

Gifted and Hopeful for College

Shanti’s mother’s rights were terminated when Shanti was two years old. She was adopted by the foster family with whom she’d been placed upon removal, the family that had cared for her most of her short life. For several years, she was flourishing in school, and generally a happy little...

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Feb 3 2016