Consulting & Software

Consulting & Software

KidsVoice provides consulting and software services to help organizations in other jurisdictions.

Our Client List Includes:

  • Connecticut
  • Louisiana
  • Colorado
  • Travis County (Austin), Texas

KidsVoice Consulting Services provides a variety of consulting services to help advocacy organizations with strategic planning, multidisciplinary practice, training and human resources.

AnyCase is the KidsVoice proprietary case management software solution specifically designed to support attorneys representing children and parents in dependency, delinquency, guardianship and custody cases.

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KidsVoice Consulting Services

Kidsvoice consults with other advocacy organizations to help with strategic planning, multidisciplinary practice, training and human resources. Clients have included the states of Connecticut, Louisiana, Colorado and Travis County (Austin), Texas.

Typical services include:

  • Assistance in planning for agency growth
  • Reviewing the agency's organizational chart and supervisory structure
  • Assistance in planning for multidisciplinary staffing
  • Reviewing the agency's internal case review processes, and providing recommendations
  • Reviewing human resources practices, policies and procedures including hiring and performance evaluation
  • Providing training for supervisors
  • Assistance in assessing training needs and providing recommendations for development of training curriculum
  • Assistance in revising and/or assessing the need for and developing a client conflict of interest policy and conflict case administration
  • Reviewing and/or assessing the need for policies and procedures regarding mandating reporting of child abuse.

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